Navajo Cuff Bracelet

Photo of a Navajo Cuff Bracelet

Navajo Cuff Bracelet History

In 1870, a Navajo silversmith began the art of making Navajo cuff bracelets in Flagstaff, Arizona.

American Indian artists and their jewelry making techniques, such as their gorgeous Navajo cuff bracelet and other wearable art, go back through history for thousands of years. In the times of the Mongollan, the Indian finds date back to some of the earliest archaeologists finds from the pre-Columbian ruins.

As the Southwest was excavated, the archaeologists found some of the earliest samples of old American Indian designs of their jewelry, such as the Navajo cuff bracelet. Some of these designs looked as if they might be small bits or pieces of shell that may have been polished. The shell was drilled perhaps for some jewelry hanging, perhaps some Indian beads or some earrings or even the makings of the Navajo cuff bracelet.

Along the Mongolian Rim, some archaeologists uncovered some more turquoise tabs that may have been drilled for the making of the Navajo cuff bracelet. These American jewelry finds dated back to the age equivalent of Europe’s Dark Ages. In Clovis, MN, archaeologist excavations and evidence has surfaced on some Indian stonework that may represent some flaked projectiles and knife points that could be over 10,000 years old. Beads made from stone and bones have been found that dates back to the times of the Paleolithic cultures that could have brought about the jewelry art of the Navajo cuff bracelet.

We do not have any supporting evidence of what these Indian cultures actually called themselves, but there is supporting evidence that these cultures had jewelry skills for making the Navajo cuff bracelet and that they adorned their bodies with jewelry made of beads such as those of the Navajo cuff bracelet which could have brought them monetary revenue or cash flow dated back in these earlier times.

Pueblos cultures and the Spanish continued to share their cultures and mingle among each other. With their technologies being shared, both of their abilities with working with metal brought continuous jewelry improvement and jewelry sophistication of the Navajo cuff bracelet. Atsidi Sani–was known as “Old Maker of Silver.” He was the first Navajo Indian to work with the metals of iron, steel, brass and copper and perhaps carved the jewelry sophistication of the Navajo cuff bracelet.

The Navajo began teaching some silversmiths skills to the Zuni tribes for the hefty price of two horses. After the Zuni were sure that they had learned all of the Navajo’s silver smith skills for making jewelry such as the Navajo cuff bracelet, they began teaching their young Zuni generations some of their learned skills of jewelry making such as the Navajo cuff bracelet.

Current popularity of the Navajo cuff bracelet–The popularity of the Navajo cuff bracelet and other beautiful Indian jewelry has been moving up the popularity charts for centuries. This Navajo cuff bracelet and other jewelry has especially been popular with fashion designers for their fashion shows for their draped clothing attire or their Bermuda shorts line with this beautiful Navajo cuff bracelet or other Indian jewelry that may be adorning the models bodies, such as their arms and legs.

The uses of Native American jewelry–Some of the uses for these beautiful jewelry pieces may be used in fashion shows, Turquoise fashion attire and its accessories, biker rides for a Harley Davidson magazine, or other famous advertisements such as for a hand model that may be modeling for a nail salon.

Native American jewelry has been popular for centuries. This beautiful jewelry is considered some of the most dazzling jewelry in the fashion world and models look gorgeous and sophisticated while wearing it.

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