Navajo Indian Jewelry

About Navajo Indian Jewelry

Navajo Indian jewelry is probably the most noticeable and iconic style of Indian jewelry available. The silver and turquoise most used in the pieces is recognizable to even the most unobservant individual. There is so much flare and beauty to Navajo Indian jewelry, but the history goes deeper than just that bracelet you are wearing.

The History of Navajo Indian Jewelry

Navajo Indian jewelry did not start as the flashy pieces we know today. It began as rawhide pieces worn in the same fashion. As things progressed and the tribe learned more of what was around them, Navajo Indian jewelry incorporated stones and shells, then on to metals and more colorful pendants and ornaments. The adorning of jewelry, it is believed, began as a way to separate humans from other animals, as we were the only species that was capable of creating such things. In addition, it was also used to show beauty and pride, as it is today.

Once the Navajo Indian jewelry progressed to its final stages, it was made of German brass, copper and silver. A blacksmith named Atsidi Sani is believed to have been the first Navajo silversmith, as he transitioned his blacksmithing skills into making silver jewelry. He taught his sons this acquired skill and it spread to become the most common way to make Navajo Indian Jewelry. Today, silver, gold, stones and beads remain the popular style for Navajo Indian jewelry.

Navajo Indian Jewelry Today

With the rise of boho chic, Navajo Indian jewelry has become an increasingly popular choice for accessorizing. Navajo Indian jewelry is highly affordable, thus lending itself to be a more common pick for the masses as opposed to precious jewels and platinum. It also has a vintage feel, which raises its popularity. Navajo Indian jewelry is made much sturdier than most modern jewelry, so it is also very easy to wear in any given situation. The vivid coloring and large scale also draws appeal.

Uses of Navajo Indian Jewelry

Originally, Navajo Indian jewelry was used to show and accumulate wealth. Today, Navajo Indian jewelry is an easy way to accessorize any outfit. With its size and color, only a couple pieces of Navajo Indian jewelry is needed to complete an outfit. Necklaces and bracelets are simple to wear and easy to match to all clothing, and belt buckles are a sturdy and functional way to add flare to clothing.

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